The 2019 Valley League Annual will be available 24 hours from now!

The perfect Christmas gift for anyone who played in the league, or is a fan of the league, or one of the hundreds of folks who help the league run every summer, or anyone, really, the Annual is over 80,000 words of everything you would like to know about the league.

Check back in tomorrow morning for ordering information!

Here is a sample from Bruce Alger’s very kind foreward:

Although John isn’t alone in helping the VBL achieve the status and reputation we have reached please know that his contributions are invaluable. The release of this book is a milestone for our league. As you read and browse through the PDF, which consists of over 80,000 words and 265 pages, it will be easy to understand the level of John’s dedication and contributions to the success our league, our organizations, our players and our coaches have enjoyed.