Tyler Bocock, the assistant coach of the 2019 Woodstock River Bandits and 2013 Waynesboro General, and I entered into a conversation the other day about the best Valley League teams in the last decade.

While it would be exceedingly difficult to pick out the best teams in that time (how would I do it besides records and titles?), he got me thinking about a piece of information that I already have- pro players from each year’s teams.

So I decided to take a look, of course. What follows is the seven teams from the past ten years who have had at least nine players go pro (and I mean organized ball, here, not the Indy Leagues).

Ready for a trip down memory lane?

12 Players: 2010 Covington and 2010 Luray

The 2010 Lumberjacks went 20-24 and lost in the first round of the playoffs. They had two future major leaguers on the roster- Robby Scott and Sherman Johnson:

Robby Scott
Drew Longley
Sherman Johnson
Ryan Dineen
Justin Gonzalez
Ryan Harvey
Jake Joyce
Michael Martinez
Giuseppe Papaccio
Jake Ramsey
Richie Rodriguez
Casey Selsor

The 2010 Wranglers went 27-17 and won the VBL title. Drew Rucinski has pitched in the major leagues, and Nick Rickles made it to Triple-A:

Drew Rucinski
Nick Rickles
Joel Capote
Mitch Conner
Justin Fradejas
Jonathan Griffin
Tucker Jensen
Matt Laney
Jonathan Murphy
Eric Phillips
David Villasuso
Cody Weiss

11 Players: 2010 Staunton

The 2010 Braves went 18-26, finished 10th in the league, and missed the playoffs. None of the 11 made the major leagues: ***EDIT*** Austin Adams also played in this season (I had him at 2011 only), AND in the majors. This puts the 2010 Braves at 12 players.

Hunter Adkins
Kevin Alexander
Ben Alsup
Stephen Branca
Sean Buckley
Nick Cicio
Chris Clinton
Joseph Cuda
Brandon McNelis
Justin Miller
Alfonso Yevoli

10 Players: 2016 Front Royal and 2011 Luray

None of the 2016 Front Royal Cardinals’ ten dudes have made the majors, but many of them are still active, so it’s still possible. The Cards went 21-21 that summer, and lost in the semi-finals of the playoffs:

Mitch Stophel
Kevin Williams
Bernabe Camargo
Zach Clark
Jose Gomez
Frank Rubio
Chris Bec
Zach Mort
Blake Whitney
Erne Valdes

The 2011 Wranglers went 19-25 and did not make the playoffs. None of the ten guys listed below made the game’s highest level:

Javi Salas
Dale Carey
Sam Agnew-Wieland
Jake Boyd
Mike Gomez
Kale Kiser
Michael Martinez
Jonathan Murphy
Orlando Olivera
Eric Phillips

9 Players: 2013 and 2011 Harrisonburg

The 2013 Turks went 32-12, won the South, but lost in the first round of the playoffs. None of the nine made the majors:

Justin Camp
Joe Napolitano
Connor Kaden
Thomas Spitz
Chris Pike
Joey Roach
Adam Boghosian
Sam Kmiec
Andy Perez

The 2011 Turks also went 32-12. The team won the Central, and lost in the semi-finals of the playoffs. Mac Williamson has made the game’s highest level:

Jay Gonzalez
Mac Williamson
Blake Austin
Patrick Christensen
Sam Dove
Julio Felix
Eric Meyerchick
Niko Spezial
Justin Van Grouw

I find it interesting that the seven teams in the last ten years with the most pro players went 32-12, 32-12, 27-17, 21-21, 20-24, 19-25, and 18-26. A whole range of results. Of the seven, only one team won the VBL title, while two of them didn’t even make the playoffs. (I’m thinking of a huge study regarding results and pro players, to see if there is any correlation. Hmm. Do I have the time?)