Major League Record Book: Career ERA

This is a tough one. My minimum requirement is that a pitcher qualifies for the ERA title in three seasons before they can make this list… which effectively eliminates all modern pitchers. Maybe I’ll have to revisit this decision down the road, but in the meantime, here is the list of nine Valley League alumni in all of history who qualify for this:

1 Jimmy Key Winchester ’80 3.51
2 Rick Honeycutt Charlottesville ’73 3.72
3 Mike Caldwell Charlottesville ’68 3.81
4 George Stone Staunton 3.89
5 Tom Browning New Market ’80-81 3.94
6 Ed Lynch Madison 4.00
7 Greg Hibbard Staunton 4.05
8 Walt Terrell Staunton 4.22
9 Mike Maroth Staunton ’96-97 5.05
Mike Caldwell Milw Brewers

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