In a final between two former Strasburg Express members, which surprised no one, the winner, with 78% of the vote, is Brandon Quaranta (Express 2016-2017)!

The Express faithful crushed everyone on the way to this title; in fact, the only matchups that were lost by Strasburg players were matchups against other Express.

The final match had some fun moments, namely when Quaranta reached out to Pharis via twitter, showing support to his 2016 teammate. Pharis, of course, answered Quaranta with his own tweet.

At any rate, congratulations to Quaranta, who wins the “Top Hitters from 2010-2019” bracket. He joins Juan Pierre, who won the bracket for best major league hitter (All-Time) a little while ago.

The top starting pitchers bracket from 2010-2019 will begin tomorrow with an introduction, and on Friday with the first matchup! (Which happens to be between Blaine Sims (New Market 2010) and Corey Session (Front Royal 2015).) (Will anyone be able to defeat an Express pitcher, though? There are four of them included in the tournament…)

Quaranta (From FB)