New week, new batch of matchups. Here’s today’s:

  • Graham Tebbit defeated Jeff Schank, Aaron Luchterhand, and Jared Wetherbee to get to the Elite Eight. This will be his toughest matchup yet: “Playing for the now-defunct Aldie Senators in 2013, Graham Tebbit walked just six batters in 49 2/3 innings, finishing his summer at 1-3, 1.81, with a 0.885 WHIP, 1.1 BB/9, and 8.0 K/9. Based on those numbers, he was named the 5th best starter in the league by ATVL. On his way to Hofstra, Tebbit pitched there in both 2013 and 2014, going 1-4, 4.48 in 25 games and 54 2/3 college innings. In 2015, he pitched one game for the independent Quebec Capitales in the Can-Am League, but has not pitched in pro ball besides that one game (that I can find).”
  • Kevin Herget, like all Strasburg players, defeated three other guys easily to get here. His victims are Andy Crum, Greg Nappo, and Seth Konkel (Konkel wasn’t beaten so easily, actually). “Kevin Herget came to Strasburg from Kean University in 2012. In the summer of the hitter (seriously, the ball was super juiced that year), Herget acquitted himself rather well. In 10 games (eight starts), he went 3-1, 3.18, with a 1.137 WHIP, 3.9 BB/9, and 13.6 K/9 in 51 innings pitched. He led the list of top starters with that K/9, and with a .194 batting average against as well. ATVL named him the 3rd best starter from that list. He returned to Kean, and was absolutely lights out in 2013, going 10-2, 1.62, with a 1.05 WHIP, 3.0 BB/9, and 8.6 K/9 in 111 college innings. The St. Louis Cardinals took him late in the draft in 2013, the 39th round, but Herget is still active after seven seasons of pro ball. Maxing out at Triple-A (for now), Herget has gone 39-20, 3.40, with a 1.25 WHIP, 2.3 BB/9, and 8.7 K/9 in 490 professional innings.”

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