We’ve made our way through the rate hitting stats, and will now turn to counting numbers. We’ll begin with runs scored (and as usual, keep in mind that these numbers are from the regular season and playoffs combined). The most runs scored in a season from 1994 to 2019:

1Leo RojasWinchester201259
2Aidan NagleWoodstock201956
3Tanner PooleWaynesboro201652
4Jimmy YezzoWinchester201251
5Jason MichaelsStaunton199550
6Matt DuncanStaunton199547
Robbie MarvinStaunton199947
Wes TimmonsWinchester200147
9Kennard BibbsHarrisonburg200146
Jon LoveFront Royal200446
Bruce SprowlWinchester200446
Jason KipnisCovington200746
Cory SpangenbergWinchester201046
Michael WielanskyCharlottesville201746
15Juan PierreHarrisonburg199745
Chris AninosWaynesboro200745
Spencer WigginsHaymarket200745
Lammar GuyCovington200945
Jay GonzalezHarrisonburg201145
Joseph OdomWinchester201245
Julian RidingsWaynesboro201245
Shane BillingsHarrisonburg201545


  • Of the 22 players on this list, five of them played for Winchester, four for Harrisonburg, three each for Waynesboro and Staunton, two for Covington, and one each for Woodstock, Front Royal, Charlottesville, and Haymarket. Strasburg, Purcellville, Luray, and New Market have been shut out.
  • Eight of these guys were League MVPs- Nagle, Michaels, Timmons, Love, Spangenberg, Wielansky, Ridings, and Billings. (And, in my opinion, Kipnis should have been.)
  • Five played in the major leagues- Michaels, Kipnis, Spangenberg, Pierre, and Odom.
  • Seven more played in the minors- Yezzo, Timmons, Bibbs, Wielansky, Gonzalez, Ridings, and Billings.
  • Let’s talk about Leo Rojas for a minute. In 2012, Rojas knocked 76 hits, walked 18 times, and was hit by a pitch five times. So he got on base 99 times, and scored 59 times, which means he scored just under 60% of the time he got on base. Out of plate appearances (239), he scored roughly a quarter of the times he walked up to the plate. Whoa. (By the way, he hit .357/.416/.540 that summer.)
  • Three 2012 Winchester Royals made this list- Rojas, Yezzo, and Odom. That team scored 393 runs, the second most between the years of 1994 and 2019. The team with the most? The 1995 Staunton baseball team scored 417 runs, led by Jason Michaels with 50 and Matt Duncan with 47.