Up next is the most total bases recorded in a Valley League season (including playoffs) over the years 1994 to 2019…

1Jimmy YezzoWinchester2012148
2Joseph OdomWinchester2012139
3Aidan NagleWoodstock2019128
4Jon LoveFront Royal2004125
Tyler KuhnLuray2006125
6Jason MichaelsStaunton1995124
7Zach SterryWaynesboro2016123
8Michael WielanskyCharlottesville2017122
9Steve McQuailFront Royal2009119
Bradley PichaWinchester2012119
11Jonathan GriffinLuray2010117
12Collin CowgillCovington2005116
13Leo RojasWinchester2012115
14Julian RidingsWaynesboro2012113
15Jared SimonFront Royal2009112
16Brad ZebedisStrasburg2011111
17Gunnar McNeillStaunton2014110
18Kevin WhiteNew Market2003109
Andrew EysterNew Market2018109
20Wes TimmonsWinchester2001107
Cory SpangenbergWinchester2010107


  • The 2012 Winchester Royals were something else. Yes, they were aided by the superball, but they have four players from that team on this list- Yezzo, Odom, Picha, and Rojas. (2012 has Ridings on here, too, giving 2012 five of the 21 entries)
  • The difference between the top and bottom of this list is pretty wide- it’s 41 bases, which comes out to 10 home runs and a single. Or 13 triples and a double. Or…. well, you get the point.
  • Winchester has six on this list; Front Royal has three; Luray, Staunton, Waynesboro, and New Market have two; Woodstock, Charlottesville, Covington, and Strasburg all have one, and Harrisonburg and Purcellville do not have any.
  • A whopping 12 of these guys were MVPs.
  • Four guys on this list played in the majors (Odom, Michaels, Cowgill, and Spangenberg), and nine of them played in the minors. Two are still in college (Nagle, Eyster).
  • Walks are up next!