Expanded League Record Book: Stolen Bases

Here, finally, is a list that will look completely different from the others- it’s the list of the players with the most stolen bases in one Valley League between 1994 and 2019.

1Juan PierreHarrisonburg19974045
2Jay CharlestonStaunton20173941
3Dennis DiazLuray20033745
Bobby RauhWinchester20093741
5Drew MartinezLuray20093637
6Lammar GuyCovington20093544
7Rico NoelCovington20083338
8Brady WilsonWinchester20113234
Jay GonzalezHarrisonburg20113238
10Antoan RichardsonWinchester20033135
Shane JustisStaunton20043133
Andy PerezHarrisonburg20133138
Justin HarrisCharles Town20143137
Nick SinayFront Royal20143140
15David EcksteinHarrisonburg19963032
16Kennard BibbsHarrisonburg20012932
Junior ArrojoCovington20092931
Tanner LeightonWoodstock20112934
Cole GruberWaynesboro20142936
Jose CarreraCovington20162929


  • This is the craziest thing I’ve seen on these record lists- every single one of these players went on to play professional baseball. Every one. Pierre, Noel, Richardson, and Eckstein all played in the majors. Guy, Wilson, Harris, and Leighton all played in independent ball, and all the rest played in the minor leagues. Is speed the most coveted tool? The most obvious? The tool teams are most likely to take a chance on? Hmmm.
  • Harrisonburg has five players on the list; Covington four; Winchester three; Staunton and Luray two; Charles Town, Front Royal, Woodstock, and Waynesboro one, and Charlottesville, Strasburg, and New Market have none.
  • Pierre, of course, went on to steal 614 bases in his major league career, and Eckstein stole 123.
  • Gary Jones stole 45 bases for the 1982 Waynesboro Generals- he is the all-time leader, I believe.

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