Valley League teams need many people to help throughout a season. There are ticket-takers, concession stand workers, announcers and broadcasters, photographers, stat-keepers, and many more. Sometimes a team can eke by without someone in one of those roles.

One group, however, is absolutely essential- host families. Most teams would not be able to even have a season if community members did not agree to house these players coming from all over the country.

It can be difficult, sure (adding a young man to the grocery bill?), but the rewards are many. Host families make a friend for life, and can feel like they have become part of the team. Most host families will follow the careers of their players, and sometimes visit them down the road- perhaps even in the major leagues. (My favorite story involves two of the best players ever to don a Covington Lumberjack uniform, Collin Cowgill (2005) and Jason Kipnis (2006-07), who happened to have the same host family while they were in Covington.)

Given the uncertain times we live in, of course, there will be mandatory Covid protocols, but they are still in development.

So even though the 2021 Valley League season doesn’t start until June 5, teams are working hard to make sure all their incoming players have a place to stay.

Can you help? Below is the list of teams and housing coordinators. Please reach out to the one that makes the most sense to you to help us have a successful VBL season this summer!

  • Charlottesville: Chesley Mullins- 434-409-7217
  • Covington: Tommy Garten- 540-969-9900, Mark Pifer- 540-958-8188, or Cindy Durham- 540-968-0638
  • Front Royal: Donna Settle- 703-244-6662
  • New Market: Liza Coffman- 540-908-0135 or Will Gangwer- 540-476-0733
  • Staunton- Lance Mauck- 443-250-2657
  • Waynesboro: Diane Lundstrom- 540-256-1308
  • Winchester: Tom Beyer- 540-664-5261
  • Woodstock: Jamie Pence- 540-975-0713
Host families in New Market