New Market Pro Players

New Market comes in tied for 5th in the Valley League with 13 pro players:

ParkerBrandonOFNew Market
ArrendondoJacintoRHPNew Market
KellyGarrettRHPNew Market
WasherJakeCNew Market
BowlanJonathanRHPNew Market
KerriganJimmyOFNew Market
GardnerBrettOFNew Market
KuhlChadRHPNew Market
HartmanJackRHPNew Market
CrumpJustinRHPNew Market
MartinReevesRHPNew Market
DonovanBrendan3BNew Market
RhinesmithJacobOFNew Market


  • New Market has two current major leaguers: Gardner and Kuhl. Martin is currently in Triple-A with Seattle and Kerrigan with Minnesota.
  • The best prospect on this list is Bowlan. He’s also the highest draft pick, having gone in the second round in 2018. I really thought he would make his major league debut this year, but he just had TJ surgery (literally like a week ago).
  • Arrendondo and Hartman have not started their careers yet, and Hartman won’t for a while, as he had TJ surgery in December of 2020.

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