Lots o’ games yesterday, lots o’ information to get to on this crazy, crazy day!


  • Waynesboro 4, Purcellville 2 (Gm 1)
  • Charlottesville 4, Winchester 3 (Gm 1)- Wyatt Langford hit a walk-off two run double in the bottom of the 8th to win this one.
  • Front Royal 8, Harrisonburg 1 (Gm 1)
  • New Market 4, Covington 3 (Gm 1)
  • Woodstock 13, Staunton 9 (Gm 1)- Staunton led 9-4 with three outs to go, but gave up nine runs in the 7th inning.
  • New Market 4, Covington 2 (Gm 2)
  • Waynesboro 5, Purcellville 4 (Gm 2)
  • Winchester 7, Charlottesville 0 (Gm 2)- More on this one below….
  • Woodstock 8, Staunton 4 (Gm 2)
  • Harrisonburg 11, Front Royal 7 (Gm 2)

Hitter of the Day

Our hitter of the day is Woodstock’s Jaylon Lee, from Eastern Mennonite! Lee went deep twice in the Bandits’ second game last night, going 2-4, with two runs, four RBIs, and the two home runs. Lee is now hitting .302/.333/.628 in 43 at-bats, with six runs scored, five doubles, three home runs, a whopping 19 RBIs, and two stolen bases. He is tied for second in the league in home runs, and alone in second in RBIs.

Others of Note

  • Brady Drawbaugh, Purcellville: 2-4, run, RBI, two doubles (Gm 1)
  • Max Weller, Waynesboro: 2-2, run, walk (Gm 1)
  • Connor Cino, Waynesboro: 2-3, run, two RBIs, two doubles (Gm 1)
  • Tyler Cotten, Winchester: 2-2, run, walk, double (Gm 1)
  • Wyatt Langford, Charlottesville: 3-4, two RBIs, double, stolen base (Gm 1)
  • Cole McConnell, Front Royal: 2-3, two runs, RBI, double, HBP (GM 1)
  • Victor Castillo, Covington: 2-3, RBI, walk, double, stolen base (Gm 1)
  • Willy Escala, Woodstock: 1-3, two runs, two RBIs, walk, home run (Gm 1)
  • Aidan Nagle, Woodstock: 2-4, two runs, four RBIs, home run (Gm 1)
  • Marco Martinez, Woodstock: 2-4, two runs, walk (Gm 1)
  • Joseph Holiga, Staunton: 2-4, two runs, RBI, two stolen bases (Gm 1)
  • Ian Diaz, Staunton: 3-3, run, BB (Gm 1)
  • Christian Collier, Purcellville: 0-1, run, three walks, HBP, three stolen bases (Gm 2)
  • Mason Lytle, Winchester: 1-1, two runs, two walks, HBP (Gm 2)
  • Austin Bulman, Winchester: 1-3, run, five RBIs, home run (Grand slam, actually!) (Gm 2)
  • Marco Martinez, Woodstock: 2-4, two runs, RBI, home run (Gm 2)
  • Cole McConnell, Front Royal: 2-4, two runs, three RBIs, double, home run (Gm 2)
  • Peyton Crispin, Harrisonburg: 3-3, run, three RBIs, double, home runs (Gm 2)
  • Frederic Walter, Harrisonburg: 3-3, run, two RBIs, double (Gm 2)

Pitcher of the Day

Well this is an easy call. Our pitcher of the day is Winchester’s Kenneth Quijano, who threw a complete game no-hitter against Charlottesville in game two! Quijano walked two and struck out six, obviously earned the win, and his game score is 81- the best of the season so far (and it’ll be hard to beat). He’s now 1-0, 0.90 in his two starts this summer, with nine strikeouts in 10 innings pitched. Congratulations, Kenneth!

Others of Note

  • Wyatt Hudepohl, Waynesboro: Six innings, five hits, one run, two walks, three K’s, win (Game score 59) (Gm 1)
  • Jarrett LoRusso, Purcellville: Three shutout innings, one hit, no walks, one K (Gm 1)
  • Tanner Bauman, Winchester: Five innings, three hits, one run, two walks, six K’s (GS: 61) (Gm 1)
  • Jacob Haney, Charlottesville: Four innings, no hits, no runs, one walk, four K’s (GS: 65) (Gm 1)
  • Ezekiel Gongola, Front Royal: Seven innings, two hits, one run, no walks, one K, win (GS: 70) (Gm 1)
  • Andrew Fron, New Market: Five innings, five hits, two runs, three walks, seven K’s (GS: 53) (Gm 1)
  • Emmett Bice, New Market: Six innings, four hits, two runs, two walks, seven K’s, win (GS: 61) (Gm 2)
  • Joe Vogatsky, Purcellville: 5 1/3 innings, four hits, two runs, two walks, five K’s (GS: 55) (Gm 2)
  • Jake Rons, Woodstock: Three no-hit, shutout innings, no walks, three K’s, save (Gm 2)
  • Christian Ciuffetelli, Harrisonburg: Two innings, no hits, no runs, one walk, one K, save (Gm 2)

Tonight’s Games

  • Harrisonburg at Covington 7 PM
  • Front Royal at Woodstock 7 PM
  • New Market at Strasburg 7 PM
  • Charlottesville at Staunton 7:30 PM