By Madison Hricik

We’re here VBL fans. We’ve officially reached the championship series for the 2021 season. It’s time for the best of the best to battle it out for the championship. It’s the Strasburg Express against the Waynesboro Generals for the crown, so let’s take a look at what’s to come.

Strasburg Express

After knocking off the Winchester Royals in a three-game series, the Express are on their way to reclaiming the championship title for the first time since 2016. With the team staying on top all season long, the cards are in their favor.

Ryan Galanie remained a strong factor for the Express, fighting through Game 3 with a .471 batting average, earning two runs and an RBI. With the team now having the added excitement of playing in a championship, we’re likely to see this team bring even more energy at bat on top of Galanie’s performance.

On the mound, Matt Poston has taken up the top spot in relief with 2.1 innings and four strikeouts for a 0.00 ERA — same as Ryan Kelley. Other pitchers who did well in the semifinals including Benjamin Taylor, who went just one inning for a 0.00 ERA.

Waynesboro Generals

The Generals are making their statement and redeeming themselves from an early 2019 playoffs exit. Now only two wins away from that redemption, Waynesboro looks to capture it all.

On offense Max Weller was the top hitter during the Generals’ final semifinal game, having a .444 batting average with one run and two RBIs. Up next is Will Prater with a .388 batting average, two runs and an RBI. Looking at tonight’s game, the team will need to keep up and increase the energy to keep making contact.

For pitching, Zach Kirby went four innings with three strikeouts for a 0.00 ERA. To keep it going, Bradley Wilson went a full seven innings with one strikeout for a 1.29 ERA. This team will need to rely on their pitchers to keep the hits down for offense to power through.

Series Prediction

In a championship series, there’s no telling which way it can go. Both teams have displayed their ability to play great baseball, and it’s exciting to see the championship title and trophy in the mix. 

Based on sheer offense and power, Strasburg will likely win the title. However, the team shouldn’t count out Waynesboro’s excitement and energy, or it’ll become an all-the-marbles Game 3.