What Comes Next?

The Strasburg Express hoisted their third Jim Lineweaver Trophy two nights ago.

Does this mean that ATVL is done until next June? Of course not. This is a 365-days a year endeavor… but I don’t know why. Can someone answer that for me?

Anyway, while it seems to be way too early to be thinking about 2022, over the next 10 months I will be covering at least the following:

  • A list of the top hitters, starting pitchers, and relievers in the 2021 VBL season (spoiler alert- Ryan Galanie will be on the top hitter list). I will post on each player one by one, starting at the “bottom.”
  • Valley League “superlatives”- I have an odd list of stuff that I will give as “awards.” It’s all dumb, but it might be fun, too.
  • Park factors across the league
  • Minor league news
  • Major league news (Debuts, important home runs, no hitters, playoffs, etc)
  • Professional players of the year at each level of affiliated ball (A-Ball, Double-A, Triple-A, majors)
  • When the college season starts up again, I will be watching alumni to see who performs well during the college season in the spring- like when Kyle Battle (Charlottesville) burst on the scene for ODU this season
  • Top prospect lists from publications like Baseball America and mlb.com
  • Record books. Major leagues, minor leagues, and Valley League… lists that ATVL has been working on quite literally for years
  • And anything else that comes up. (Feel free to drop me a line, by the way, if you, Dear Reader, know of something)

So while we’ve finished one chapter, another one begins!

Remember to follow along on instagram @allthingsvalley (All Things Valley League), twitter @JohnATVL, and Facebook!


  1. A very promising ATVL roster and lineup – as it has been since 2006. Thanks for continuing your authoritative and entertaining work.

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