Three Named Finalists for John Olerud Award

Three former Valley Leaguers have been named finalists for the “John Olerud Two-Way Player of the Year Award,” which unsurprisingly, is given to the top college player who both pitches and plays the field. To be considered, players must have 20 innings pitched or played in the field for at least 75% of their team’s games. (The website says “or” in that last sentence, but I’m assuming that it really should be an “and.” “Or” would mean the player wouldn’t have to be a two-way player to win. Right?)

At any rate, three young men have a shot at the award. The winner will be announced on July 2nd! (Following stats are through May 16th)

  • Brandon Gold (Harrisonburg 2014), Georgia Tech; 244/436/439 in 41 at-bats, 6-3, 2.66 in 84 2/3 innings pitched
  • Daniel Brumbaugh (Winchester 2015), Richmond; 292/373/390 in 154 at-bats, 1-2, 3.18 with 5 saves in 28 1/3 innings pitched
  • Alex Mauricio (Waynesboro 2015), Norfolk State; 295/378/456 in 149 at-bats, 2-1, 3.08, with 5 saves in 26 2/3 innings
Brandon Gold GA Tech headshot 2015
Daniel Brumbaugh Richmond 2016

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