Minor League News

On this day in which there are no Valley League games to discuss, let’s take a look at four bits of news about former Valley Leaguers in the minor leagues!

  • Yesterday, Ryan Schimpf (Luray 2008) was named the Hitter of the Week for the Triple-A Pacific Coast League by milb.com! Ryan hit 500/586/1.292 in 6 games for El Paso, along with 9 runs, 11 RBIs, 5 walks, 4 doubles, and 5 home runs. Wow. For the season, Ryan is now hitting 345/407/717 in 145 at-bats. I think it’s time for the Padres to call him up!
  • Joe Bennie (Strasburg 2011) was also named Hitter of the Week by milb.com yesterday- for the High-A California League. Joe hit 565/600/826 in 6 games, with 4 runs, 6 RBIs, 3 doubles, and a home run. Joe is now hitting 294/370/417 in 218 at-bats for Stockton.
  • Joseph Odom (Winchester 2012) hit two home runs last night for High-A Carolina, which is wonderful, of course, but the remarkable thing about his performance is that the home runs came in the same inning. He drove in 5 runs, too. On the year so far, Joseph is hitting 275/333/470 in 149 at-bats.
  • Matt Solter (Strasburg 2012) was recently signed as a minor league free agent by the San Francisco Giants, and he made his minor league debut on June 4th for the Low-A Augusta Greenjackets. Matt started on the mound, and allowed 6 hits, 1 earned run, 0 walks, and struck out 2 in 5 innings.

Congratulations to all four players!

Joseph Odom
Joseph Odom

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