Minor League Record Book: Runs in a Season

Now that we’ve finished the look at the minor league career record book for hitters, we’ll turn our attention to the seasonal records. For some of these, of course, not much has changed in years. (And, keep in mind, these records are over the past 11 seasons- starting in 2006.) So let’s start with runs.

1 John Raynor New Market ’04 2007 110
2 Sherman Johnson Covington ’09-10 2014 107
3 John Raynor New Market ’04 2008 104
4 Jason Kipnis Covington ’06-07 2010 96
Tyler Bortnick Front Royal ’06 2011 96
6 Tyson Auer Luray ’05-06 2010 95
Collin Cowgill Covington ’05 2011 95
8 Mac Williamson Harrisonburg ’11 2013 94
9 Mike Mitchell Staunton ’06 2008 93
Joey Butler New Market ’06 2012 93

Nothing new since Sherman Johnson scored all the way to 2nd place in 2014. John Raynor holding down 1st AND 3rd looks pretty good.

Major leaguers: Raynor, Jason Kipnis, Collin Cowgill, Mac Williamson, and Joey Butler. (I would hope that Johnson makes it in 2017, but, obviously, there are no guarantees…)

Out of affiliated ball: Raynor, Auer, Mitchell.

Raynor in 2008
Raynor in 2008

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