Minor League Record Book: Walks in a Season

Now we come to walks. Controlling the strike zone is much more important now than it was back when I was growing up, so who, out of all the VBL alumni in the minor leagues since 2006, controlled it the best in one season?

1 Sherman Johnson Covington ’09-10 2015 89
2 Sherman Johnson Covington ’09-10 2014 88
3 AJ Kirby-Jones Waynesboro ’09 2012 86
4 Tyler White Haymarket ’10 2015 84
5 Tyler Bortnick Front Royal ’06 2011 79
Clint Robinson Harrisonburg ’05-06 2012 79
Joey Butler New Market ’06 2012 79
Ryan Schmipf Luray ’08 2013 79
9 Rob Kral Waynesboro ’09 2013 78
10 Sherman Johnson Covington ’09-10 2016 74

The easy answer to the question above is obviously Sherman Johnson, who take the top 2 spots along with #10. He is the only repeat player on the list. He played in Triple-A in 2016.

Tyler White, Clint Robinson, Joey Butler, and Ryan Schimpf have all played in the majors, and are still active. Johnson, obviously, along with Tyler Bortnick, is still active as well.

AJ Kirby-Jones and Rob Kral are out of affiliated ball (although both played in the Indy Leagues recently).

Stolen bases are next!

Sherman Johnson
Sherman Johnson

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