Minor League Record Book: Strikeouts in a Season

Second to last minor league category- strikeouts in a season by Valley League alumni since the 2006 draft!

1 Drew Granier Harrisonburg ’09-10 2012 167
2 Tyler Thornburg Winchester ’08 2011 160
3 Brad Mills Harrisonburg ’05 2008 159
4 Robert Gilliam Luray ’07 2011 156
5 Drew Granier Harrisonburg ’09-10 2013 153
6 Mike Ballard Staunton ’04 2011 150
7 Brandon Beachy Woodstock ’08 2010 148
8 Cole McCurry New Market ’05 2009 145
9 Drew Rucinski Luray ’09-10 2014 140
Austin Gomber Luray ’12 2015 140
Sam Howard Staunton ’12 2016 140

Only one repeat in this list- that would be Drew Granier.

Major leaguers include Tyler Thornburg, Brad Mills, Brandon Beachy, and Drew Rucinski. No longer in affiliated ball: Granier, Robert Gilliam, Mike Ballard, and Cole McCurry.

Sam Howard jumped on the list after a stellar 2016. He joined Austin Gomber at the end of the list, who is also a high-end prospect. I’m assuming both of them will play in the majors at some point.

Drew Granier in Double-A... and an awesome beard
Drew Granier in Double-A… with an awesome beard

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