New Project

Well, the time has come. 

Some of you know that I do not have a complete list of all the Valley League alumni who have played in the major leagues. My lists begin with the 2004 VBL season, and the 2006 MLB draft.

So I’ve decided that this needs to be remedied. Over the next couple weeks, I hope to compile a list of as any players as possible. (By the way, my only qualification is that the player actually appeared in at least one VBL game.)

Some teams have done a nice job with their own alumni, like Harrisonburg, Front Royal, and Winchester. I will also take a look at Chaz Weaver’s book, of course.

All this to say that I would love to make this  a community effort. (Thanks to Curtiss Bobby Peake for getting us started.) 

So, Brilliant Reader, if you have some information that would be helpful, drop me a message here or on FB. Hopefully we can get a solid list together!


  1. Here is the list of Lumberjacks that have played in the Major Leagues.
    David Carpenter
    Stephen Cardullo
    Collin Cowgill
    Carlos Guevara
    Jason Kipnis
    Rico Noel
    Robby Scott
    Craig Tatum

    Love your updates!!

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