League Record Book: Home Runs

Ah, the home run. The major leagues are seeing a monstrous amount of home runs hit this season. Summer Collegiate ball is a little different… I believe that the “golden era” of home runs in the Valley League was probably 2012, when Joseph Odom, Jimmy Yezzo, and Brad Picha went nuts in Winchester (the ball was most likely juiced, too).

Anyway, here is the list of most home runs in one Valley League season since 2004!

1 Joseph Odom Winchester 2012 17
2 Jon Love Front Royal 2004 16
Steve McQuail Front Royal 2009 16
Jimmy Yezzo Winchester 2012 16
Zach Sterry Waynesboro 2016 16
6 Collin Cowgill Covington 2005 14
7 Marcus Nidiffer Covington 2008 13
Ryan Durrence Covington 2009 13
Shaun Cooper Harrisonburg 2010 13
Jonathan Griffin Luray 2010 13
Brandon Murray Waynesboro 2012 13
11 Jeremy Terni Winchester 2004 12
Tyler Townsend Winchester 2008 12
Brandon Quaranta Strasburg 2017 12

(I must admit- I went back in time to add the “12’s” from the last few years so Brandon could make the list.)

Major leaguers: Collin Cowgill
Current Minor Leaguers: Joseph Odom, Zach Sterry
Previous Minor Leaguers: Steve McQuail, Jimmy Yezzo, Marcus Nidiffer (Marcus is still active in the Indy Leagues), Ryan Durrence, Shaun Cooper, Jonathan Griffin (Also still active in Indy ball), Tyler Townsend
No pro ball: Brandon Murray, Jeremy Terni
Still in College: Brandon Quaranta

According to Chaz Weaver, the highest total ever in the league is Mike Sabo’s 28. for the 1987 Staunton Braves. I don’t see anyone equaling that anytime soon….

Joseph Odom Carolina
Joseph Odom in Carolina in 2015 or 2016

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