Now that I’m on my second cup of coffee this morning, I find myself wanting to share the latest block of information I’m trying to complete.

Many of you don’t realize this, but the information of each season of the Valley League, from years ago, anyway, is pretty spotty. (Chaz Weaver would understand this, of course!) For example, does anyone have the list of players who participated in the league in 1994? No, it doesn’t exist.

So I’ve been working on some lists over the last few years. First of all, I have what I think is a complete list of Valley League alumni who have played in the major leagues (understanding that I’ll have to add to the list as I learn of more players) (around 200 players).

I have the list of every single player who has appeared in a Valley League game since 2004 (it’s over 4,400 names long).

I have the current list of players who are active in professional, affiliated ball (over 175 players).

I also have the list of players who have played in pro, affiliated ball since the 2006 draft, but do not any longer (over 625 players).

One of the cool things about the Valley League is how many players go on to get paid for playing baseball. That should include the Independent Leagues, right? So my latest project is to build the list of former Valley Leaguers who have played in the Indy Leagues.

I am cross-referencing several lists- current pro players (17 players also played in the Indy leagues), previous pro players (I’m in the “H’s” in my research), and I’ve used’s list of Valley League players by team since 2010.

I have to be careful, though- thebaseballcube notoriously has errors sprinkled throughout. (I was astonished a few years ago when I sent the webpage a message about one of his entries that was incorrect (a former Valley Leaguer, of course), and the answer I received was this: sponsor the page for $10 and I’ll fix it. Whaaaaaaat? Wouldn’t you want your information to be correct whether it was sponsored or not? Anyway, I’m careful with taking the site as gospel.

So, this is where I would love to have your help. If you have knowledge of Valley League alumni who have played Indy ball, please send me a message, either as a comment on my webpage or on the Facebook page. If the player appeared in the VBL between 2010 and 2016, I probably have his name already, but not necessarily. And if the player appeared in affiliated pro ball between 2006 and 2017, I probably have that, too, but not necessarily.

I have no idea how I’m going to keep up with this list from year to year, but I’m going to give it a shot. I would rather not cross-reference all 4,400 players on my master list….

Thank you to all who can help!