2017 Triple-A Hitter of the Year

We’ve reached the top of the minor league, finally, and now we’ll look at which former Valley Leaguers performed the best at the level just below the majors. These players come from either the Pacific Coast or International Leagues.

The past (I’m considering going back and retroactively naming 2013 and 2012 and 2011… and so on, by the way):

2016- Stephen Cardullo (Covington 2007)
2015- Tyler White (Haymarket 2010)
2014- Clint Robinson (Harrisonburg 2005-06)

Tyler White

And now we have our first repeat winner (at the same level, that is): Tyler White is the 2017 Triple-A Hitter of the Year! Tyler crushed the ball all season for Fresno in the PCL, slashing 300/371/528 in 436 at-bats, along with 22 doubles, a triple, 25 home runs, 89 RBIs, 84 runs, and a solid 47/101 BB/K ratio. He rightfully earned a call up late in the season, and appeared in 22 games for Houston (so he earned a ring, too!). Tyler was an organizational All-Star (named by milb.com) as well. Click here to read ATVL’s prospect retrospective on Tyler.

Others to consider:

  • Clint Robinson (Harrisonburg 05-06), for Syracuse: 242/315/424 in 443 at-bats, 25 doubles, 18 home runs, 74 RBIs, 45/121 BB/K (Clint has since retired, and will be a scout for Miami in 2018)
  • Ryan Schimpf (Luray 08), for El Paso: 202/311/475 in 242 at-bats, with 7 doubles, 19 home runs, and a 36/105 BB/K ratio
  • Sherman Johnson (Covington 09-10), for Salt Lake: 244/356/348 in 287 at-bats, 15 doubles, 3 triples, 3 home runs, 12 stolen bases, 48/66 BB/K ratio
  • Eric Stamets (Haymarket 10), for Columbus: 251/324/455 in 334 at-bats, 23 doubles, 15 home runs, 30/87 BB/K
  • Mac Williamson (Harrisonburg 11), for Sacramento: 244/301/423 in 352 at-bats, with 21 doubles, 14 home runs, 25/100 BB/K



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