Michael Curry Having His Best Season Yet

13michael_curry_webThe Georgia Bulldogs are 24-9, in no great part because former Valley Leaguer Michael Curry (Strasburg 2016) is crushing the ball at the plate.

The junior catcher is hitting 336/404/544 in 125 at-bats, with 25 runs, 36 RBIs (1st on the team), 5 doubles, 7 home runs, and a solid 15/26 BB/K ratio. The best part about this is his improvement over the years. As a freshman, he hit 262/313/462; ok, but not great. He improved to 297/384/484 as a sophomore, which is definitely getting closer to “great.” Now this year, I would classify as great.

Michael was quite good for the Express in 2016; he hit 302/364/440. He played for the Brewster Whitecaps in the Cape Cod League in the summer of 2017, and he hit quite well, finishing at 280/443/376 against some of the top pitchers in the country.

I believe a major league team will call Michael’s name in this summer’s draft!

Michael Curry 2018 Baseball Roster University of Georgia

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