Hot Start for Williamson

160 ISO 70mm lens @ 1/250 at f5.6  Canon  Canon EOS-1D X SS# 042011000801Former Harrisonburg Turk Mac Williamson (2011) had a chance to make the San Francisco Giants’ opening day roster, but it was a long shot at best, and even though he hit 318/333/727 with 4 home runs in 45 at-bats in Spring Training, he was returned to Triple-A Sacramento to start the minor league season. (He still has an option remaining, so he was an “easy” choice for the Giants, I fear.)

Mac returned to Triple-A, and started his season on April 5th. Since then, he’s played in 8 games, and been to bat 33 times. This is what he’s done: 500/611/1.143, with 11 runs, 13 RBIs, 3 doubles, 5 home runs, and a 5/3 BB/K ratio. He’s had at least one hit in each of his games, and has hit a home run in his last 4 games, and 5 of the last 7.

By the way, Mac crushed the Valley League in 2011; he hit 381/447/706 in 34 games and 126 at-bats, with 31 runs, 38 RBIs, 11 doubles, and 10 home runs. He was ATVL’s 2nd best hitter in the league that year (behind Strasburg’s Brad Zebedis).

Mac made some changes to his swing this offseason; let’s hope that they continue to pay off for the slugger!

Mac Williamson batting 2018

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