VBL Alums Killing It for St. Thomas

Two former Valley Leaguers currently at St. Thomas University are having tremendous college seasons- Erick Delgado and Erne Valdes.

Delgado played for Strasburg in 2016 and 2017. This spring, he’s hitting 417/492/681 in 163 at-bats, with 59 runs, 35 RBIs, 17 doubles, 8 home runs, an excellent 24/14 BB/K ratio, and 13 stolen bases in 14 attempts. He’s hit in 11 games in a row.

Erick hit 308/401/392 in 130 regular season (summer) at-bats in 2016, and played in 5 games for the Express in 2017.

Valdes, a lefty starter for Front Royal in 2016, is the closer for the Bobcats this spring. He’s 0-2, 2.16, with 8 saves, a 1.08 WHIP, 7.2 BB/9, and 18.0 K/9 in 25 totals innings. He’s allowed 7 hits and struck out 50 batters in those 25 innings! (In his last 10 games, Erne has allowed 3 hits, 9 walks, and struck out 30 in 15 1/3 innings… while not allowing a run.)

For the Cardinals in 2016, Erne went 1-2, 1.03, with 16 hits, 13 walks, and 45 strikeouts in 34 2/3 innings pitched. He was ATVL’s #1 starter that summer.

Congrats, and keep it up, guys!


  1. John – Because this posting (as a very large proportion do) discusses college students, I must, collegially, point out that your headline is inaccurate. Delgado and Valdes are both attending the school. An “alum” (alumnus) is a graduate or former student. And, since their college is named for St. Thomas Aquinus, I must “confess” that I agree, they certainly are…progressing..

    • Yes, of course- I meant that they were alums of the Valley League, not St. Thomas. Also of course, I did not make that very clear. Let me try again….

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