Team Pro Report: Charlottesville Tom Sox

diPGV5Dh_400x400Moving on to our second current team, today we’ll take a look at the pro players who have played for the Charlottesville Tom Sox.

The Tom Sox will take a few years to get their pro “stable” up and running; the Sox have been a franchise only since 2015. (I’ll be curious to see how many players are drafted from their 2017 championship team.)

Four players, all from the inaugural 2015 season:

  1. Kyle Davis, 15th round pick in 2017: Kyle was drafted by the Astros, and spent 2017 at Tri-City in the New York-Penn League. He hit 177/308/287 in 164 at-bats. He has not been assigned to a full season team in 2018.
  2. Tad Ratliff, free agent signee in 2017: Signed out of Lenoir-Rhyne, Tad only pitched in 2 games at Rookie-Level Burlington in 2017. He is not on a full season team.
  3. Brett Pope, 22nd round pick in 2017: The shortstop from Western Carolina was picked by the Pittsburgh Pirates and assigned to Low-A West Virginia in the South Atlantic League. He hit 205/295/238 in 122 at-bats. Brett has also not been assigned to a team in 2018 yet.
  4. Billy Cooke, 8th round pick in 2017: The highest draft pick in current franchise history, Billy has hit 176/292/290 in 165 minor league at-bats so far. He is at Clinton in the Midwest League at the moment.
Billy Cooke Charlottesville 2015
(Photo of Billy Cooke from

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