Power Rankings #2

diPGV5Dh_400x400In the first power rankings, the list began with Staunton, and the next three were Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and Front Royal. That was nine days ago, and things look quite different now, so it’s time once again to look at the League’s power rankings!

Remember, as always, dear reader, that this is one guy’s opinion, and, honestly, it doesn’t mean much; it’s just fun.

The stats go like this: Team name, overall record, (record in the last 9 days), runs scored-runs allowed, batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage, team ERA, and then anything else I deem appropriate.

Power Rankings #2

  1. Charlottesville Tom Sox, 9-3 (4-1), 86-43, 267/380/326, 2.83. The Tom Sox ascend back to the top after a solid last 5 games. The Sox are doubling up their opponents in runs, and are led by Jake Hershman on the pitching side and Patrick McColl on the hitting side. Team ERA is 1st, while team on-base percentage is 2nd. (3rd last time, up 2 spots)
  2. Front Royal Cardinals, 10-3 (4-1), 94-60, 275/382/396, 3.94. A pretty clear 2nd place at this point. Ramon Miranda and Kobe Foster lead the pitching, and Alex Briggs and Christian Avant lead a very good lineup (1st in team on-base percentage). (4th last time, up 2 spots)
  3. Covington Lumberjacks, 9-4 (5-1), 75-51, 268/362/400, 3.29. Jacks have the best record in the past 9 days. JD Mundy has 5 doubles and 5 home runs, and Derek Trembley has not given up a run in 11 innings. (5th last time, up 2 spots)
  4. Harrisonburg Turks, 10-5 (5-3), 84-70, 254/361/327, 3.72. Austin Embler has 10 RBIs in 10 games along with 2 triples, and Kyle Arjona and Luke Scherzer are the top starters. (2nd last time, down 2 spots)
  5. Purcellville Cannons, 7-8 (3-3), 88-84, 260/370/402, 4.36. Shaggy Freeland and Kenny Oyama lead the hitters, Anthony Zimmerman has 14 strikeouts in 6 1/3 innings pitched while giving up 0 runs. (6th last time, up 1 spot)
  6. New Market Rebels, 7-7 (4-3), 84-81, 245/371/332, 4.50. The Rebs have added two players with experience with the draft- Andrew Eyster (drafted in 2018) and Oraj Anu (drafted in 2017). They have very intriguing bats! (4th last time, down 2 spots)
  7. Waynesboro Generals, 6-6 (3-4), 54-57, 241/332/313, 2.91. 2nd best team ERA, but the 23 unearned runs hurt (to compare, the Tom Sox have 9 unearned runs). Chase Cheek, Dalton Wingo lead the offense. (3rd last time, down 4)
  8. Staunton Braves, 6-9 (1-7), 94-97, 284/352/420, 5.44. Hitting has slid a bit; pitching ERA is up. The Braves have lost 6 in a row, but still have a solid lineup. (1st last time, down 7 spots)
  9. Winchester Royals, 5-8 (4-3), 69-89, 252/356/375, 5.72. Definitely trending in the right direction. Entire slash line way up, and the team has an amazing 44 stolen bases in 50 attempts, while no other team has more than 25. Masen Prososki has 13, and Joseph Sadallah has 10. Prososki has the same total as the entire Tom Sox squad, and more than the River Bandits. (9th last time, no change)
  10. Strasburg Express, 3-10 (2-5), 75-118, 231/348/337, 8.35. ERA has come down about half a run since the last time. Chris Henry has been very good on the bump; Ryan Hogan and Justin Hayes lead the hitters. (10th last time, no change)
  11. Woodstock River Bandits, 2-11 (1-5), 60-112, 235/333/313, 7.98. Team slash line and team ERA are going in the right direction; the squad is just having trouble winning games.

The South is still outperforming the North; the North is 34-47 (.420), and the South is 40-27 (.597).

So now let’s see where the next week will take us!


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