Power Rankings #3

Front Royal CardinalsIt’s that time again, VBL fans- time to rank the Valley League teams from best to… not the best.

The teams seem to be clumping up even more than usual this year; there are a distinct three groups: 1-4, 5-8, and 9-11. Honestly, the 5-8 group could go in any order, but when you get that far, are you still reading anyway? Maybe so; just understand that you could make the case for #8 to be #5, and vice versa.

My preamble from the last two:

Remember, as always, dear reader, that this is one guy’s opinion, and, honestly, it doesn’t mean much; it’s just fun.

The stats go like this: Team name, overall record, (record since the last PR), runs scored-runs allowed, batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage, team ERA, and then anything else I deem appropriate.

Power Rankings #3

  1. Front Royal Cardinals: 14-6, (4-3), 142-88, 297/397/425, 3.75. 1st in BA, OBP, 2nd in slugging and team ERA… Rob Griswold pulling double duty with 4 saves, 0.81 ERA, 10-18 at the plate. (#2 last time; up one spot)
  2. Charlottesville Tom Sox: 14-8, (5-5), 141-91, 252/374/317, 3.46. Patrick McColl hitting 390/473/455, 1st in team ERA. (#1 last time; down one spot)
  3. Covington Lumberjacks: 15-8, (6-4), 136-114, 266/369/395, 3.87. Jacks are pretty solid in all areas. JD Mundy is still the story- 10 home runs, 33 RBIs, .798 slugging in 23 games. (#3 last time; no change)
  4. Purcellville Cannons: 12-11, (5-3), 130-116, 237/352/367, 3.77. Hitting is a little below average, but by no means poor. Dalton Oates has 18 K’s in 14 innings; Anthony Zimmerman has 18 K’s in only 8 1/3 innings. (#5 last time; up one spot)
  5. Waynesboro Generals: 13-12, (7-6), 140-141, 273/354/356, 4.56. Chase Cheek is at 430/446/555 in 18 games, and the team has won 4 games in a row. (#7 last time; up two spots)
  6. Harrisonburg Turks: 13-13, (3-8), 139-129, 256/354/340, 4.12. Austin Embler continues to rake, slashing 408/494/606 in 87 plate appearances, but the team has struggled over the past 11 games. (#4 last time; down two spots)
  7. New Market Rebels: 12-11, (5-4), 144-144, 280/382/405, 5.03. Andrew Eyster is 26-53 (491/565/830) with 19 RBIs in 14 games. He is crushing the league’s pitching. (#6 last time; down one spot)
  8. Staunton Braves: 12-12, (6-3), 172-166, 289/369/428, 5.97. 1st in slugging percentage. Interested to see what Cole Swiger might do over a full season- he has 22 runs, 20 RBIs, and 11 stolen bases so far. (#8 last time; no change)
  9. Winchester Royals: 10-12, (5-4), 112-131, 247/354/353, 5.14. Creeping up on the 5-8 group. Still stealing bases- 66 in 22 games. Masen Prososki (19), Joseph Sadallah (13), and Jordan Huntley (13) are all in double figures. (9th last time; no change)
  10. Strasburg Express: 9-15, (6-5), 146-199, 254/361/376, 7.32. Also sneaking up on the next group, the Express have had a couple walk-offs the last week. Colton Schultz is crushing it: 358/456/552 in 67 at-bats. (#10 last time; no change)
  11. Woodstock River Bandits: 3-19, (1-8), 103-187, 236/338/314, 7.94. Oh dear. The Bandits will need to win a few more games if they want to slip past the 2009 Rockbridge Rapids’ difficult 9-33 record. One bright spot: Clayton Jeffries is a ridiculous 20-49 at the plate.

That’s it for now. Staunton was the top ranked team the first power rankings, and the Tom Sox were the seocnd time… now it’s Front Royal. Who will it be in another week and a half?

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