Power Rankings #4

diPGV5Dh_400x400With no games to report on from last night, ATVL will take this opportunity to rank the VBL teams one last time before the playoffs begin on Sunday.

So here it is, folks, the last 2018 Valley League Power Rankings….

The stats go like this: Team name, overall record, runs scored-runs allowed, batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage, team ERA, team WHIP, and then anything else I deem appropriate.

  1. Charlottesville Tom Sox, 23-16, 245-157, 254/362/338, 3.12, 1.22. The Tom Sox have the best pitching by a monstrous margin. The have very little team power, but does it matter when the starters keep throwing 5 shutout innings?
  2. Front Royal Cardinals, 21-15, 228-169, 290/390/426, 4.25, 1.38. And here’s the best hitting. The Cardinals have been slumping lately, but they still have Andrew Burden and Spencer Packard swinging the bat.
  3. Purcellville Cannons, 22-14, 204-174, 254/361/377, 3.96, 1.51. The Cannons lead the North at the moment, and added former Rebel Alec Aleywine to their lineup 10 games ago.
  4. Covington Lumberjacks, 24-14, 216-204, 262/367/392, 4.49, 1.50. The Jacks lead the South. Amazing that the squad is 10 games over .500 while outscoring opponents by “only” 12 runs. JD Mundy has been stuck on 12 home runs since before the All-Star break, but he’s still slashing 354/481/693.
  5. Waynesboro Generals, 22-18, 226-201, 266/366/351, 3.95, 1.36. The Gens lost Chase Cheek, but they have some very, very good arms in the rotation. Villarreal, Ashcraft and company might be hard to bounce in the playoffs.
  6. New Market Rebels, 20-17, 240-229, 278/385/427, 5.13, 1.66. This team is coming fast. I really like the lineup- with Lopez, Suddeth, Eyster, Anu… this team will score runs.
  7. Staunton Braves, 19-20, 254-251, 284/358/428, 5.35, 1.48. Trey Jacobs seems to get two extra base hits every night, but can they get enough pitching?
  8. Winchester Royals, 19-19, 193-203, 252/350/369, 4.39, 1.52. 101 stolen bases in 38 games. Jonathan Butler has been a super addition to the squad.
  9. Harrisonburg Turks, 18-21, 206-206, 255/350/338, 4.60, 1.48. Will the Turks miss the playoffs for the first time since 2009?
  10. Strasburg Express, 15-21, 223-274, 260/364/374, 6.74, 1.78. While the Express pitching has improved greatly, it doesn’t look like a 4th straight trip to the finals is in the cards.
  11. Woodstock River Bandits, 5-33, 159-327, 231/326/313, 8.14, 2.06. The Bandits rank 11th in every single statistic listed here.

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