Woodall Explodes in Pro Ball

You just never know how college power will translate to the minor leagues. Some hitters take to wood bats and pro pitching very well, while others struggle to make solid contact on the sweet part of the bat, and flame out pretty quickly.

Kevin Woodall, from Coastal Carolina, showed excellent power in college, and is now following it up with even better power in the minor leagues. A New Market Rebel in 2015, Kevin showed gap power with 14 doubles, but only hit 1 home run. He ended the season after 158 at-bats with a .411 slugging percentage.

Kevin Woodall Johnson City 2018He took off at Coastal the next two seasons, though. In 2017, he slugged .557 with 18 home runs, and then followed that up with a senior season in which he hit 19 homers and slugged .576. The St. Louis Cardinals took the big man (he’s 6-6, 240) in the 10th round of the 2018 draft, and assigned him to Johnson City of the Appalachian League.

So back to wood bats and on to pro pitching; how has Kevin done so far?

Well, in 26 games and 98 at-bats, Kevin has hit 296/375/653, with 8 doubles, 9 home runs, 24 RBIs, and a 11/27 BB/K ratio. In fact, a week ago, on July 18, Kevin went deep 3 times against Bluefield, hitting home runs in the 1st, 5th, and 7th innings. He also walked twice. I would say that Kevin is going to be part of that first group- the group that adjusts to pro ball well!

Congrats, Kevin, and keep it up!

Kevin Woodall Johnson City swinging 2018


One comment

  1. Great news! Fond memories of “Woody” Woodall in Rebeldom. With those names, it’s axiomatic that he would do well with wooden bats. Keep blastin’ and stay healthy, Woody. Hope to see you soon on a diamond in the Bigs.

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