Will 2018 See Any Records Set?

With just a little less than a week remaining in the regular season, let’s take a quick look at players who might end up on the 2004-2018 record book for their performances this summer. Why 2004? It’s when ATVL started tracking stats, and information from before that is spotty at best.

Keep in mind that stats put up in the playoffs will be counted when it’s all said and done. (It’s because that’s the way the league used to do the stats- it was all combined.)

Batting Average

There are four players who, if the season ended today, would be either on the list or close. The top of the list is Michael Wielansky (.428, Charlottesville 2017), and the bottom, at #11, is Michael Garza (.388, Woodstock 2010).

  • Andrew Eyster, New Market: .420 (would put him tied for 2nd place)
  • Chase Cheek, Waynesboro: .394
  • Austin Embler, Harrisonburg: .394
  • Trey Jacobs, Staunton: .386

On-Base Percentage

Top: Nick Sinay, .534 (Front Royal 2014) Bottom: Jason Kipnis, .498 (Covington 2007)

  • Eyster, .513 (would be 7th)
  • Spencer Packard, Front Royal: .497

Slugging Percentage

Top: Zach Sterry, .745 (Waynesboro 2016) Bottom: Julian Ridings (Waynesboro 2012) and Bradley Picha (Winchester 2012) .657

  • Eyster, .790 (Would smash the record)
  • JD Mundy, Covington: .693
  • Trey Jacobs, Staunton: .661


Top: Jimmy Yezzo, 21 (Winchester 2012) Bottom: Four players tied with 16

  • Eyster, 13
  • Bennett Hostetler, Covington: 13


Top: Cody Wilson, 7 (Winchester 2017) Bottom: 19 players tied with 4

  • Austin Embler, Harrisonburg: 4
  • Brady Ballstadt, Front Royal: 3
  • Sergio Lopez, Purcellville: 3
  • Chase Sudduth, New Market: 3

Home Runs

Top: Joseph Odom, 17 (Winchester 2012) Bottom: Three players tied with 12

  • Mundy, 12


Top: Jimmy Yezzo, 62 (Winchester 2012) Bottom: Michael McClellan, 45 (Waynesboro 2014)

  • Dominic D’Alessandro, Charlottesville: 48 (Would put him tied for 7th)
  • Mundy, 42


Top: Dustin Umberger, 9 (Luray 2007) Bottom: 10 players tied with 7

  • Chase Best, Covington: 5


  1. Wins? One of the least meaningful of pitching stats. Much rather see ERA, WHIP, BAA, K/9 and BB/9.

    • Yep, Dennis, wins are irrelevant. I make that statement every year when I post theat section of the record book. However, since it is a stat that is kept, I keep it too.

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