League Record Book: Triples

This is a crazy list. You will see different names here than in the other categories, everyone is grouped between 4 and 7 triples, and there are 30 players listed.

So- the most triples in a VBL season since 2004:

1 Cody Wilson Winchester 2017 7
2 Tyler Kuhn Luray 2006 5
Grant Escue Woodstock 2007 5
Cody Hudson Waynesboro 2010 5
Brady Wilson Winchester 2011 5
Shane Billings Harrisonburg 2015 5
Jose Carrera Covington 2016 5
Tanner Poole Waynesboro 2016 5
Zach Evers Waynesboro 2017 5
10 Steve Head Harrisonburg 2005 4
Bo Davis Covington 2005 4
Lucas DeLong Harrisonburg 2005 4
Collin Cowgill Covington 2005 4
Pat Irvine Waynesboro 2007 4
Adalberto Santos Woodstock 2008 4
Dave Fallon Winchester 2009 4
Ben Hammer Winchester 2009 4
Grant Fillipitch Waynesboro 2010 4
Mike Garza Woodstock 2010 4
Tyler Molinaro Rockbridge 2011 4
Stephen Oswald New Market 2011 4
Brad Noland Waynesboro 2012 4
Caleb Palensky Waynesboro 2012 4
Thomas Spitz Harrisonburg 2013 4
Demetrius Moorer Covington 2013 4
Justin Harris Charles Town 2014 4
Matthew Koehler Woodstock 2015 4
Michael Wielansky Charlottesville 2017 4
Austin Embler Harrisonburg 2018 4
Chase Sudduth New Market 2018 4

Wow. Two players joined from 2018: Austin Embler and Chase Sudduth. In fact, there is a rep from each and every VBL season besides 2004. The breakdown:

Major Leaguers: Collin Cowgill
Current Minor Leaguers: Cody Wilson, Shane Billings, Michael Wielansky
Previous Minor Leaguers: Tyler Kuhn, Jose Carrera, Pat Irvine, Adalberto Santos, Thomas Spitz, Mike Garza
No pro experience: Grant Escue (weirdly, hit 5 total triples in his 4 years of college), Cody Hudson, Brady Wilson, Tanner Poole, Zach Evers (just finished his senior year at Elon), Steve Head, Bo Davis, Lucas DeLong, Dave Fallon, Ben Hammer, Grant Fillipitch, Tyler Molinaro, Stephen Oswald, Brad Noland, Caleb Palensky (Caleb played a few games in Indy ball), Demetrius Moorer (Also played in Indy Leagues), Justin Harris
Still in College: Matthew Koehler (Western Carolina), Austin Embler (UNC Greensboro), Chase Sudduth (North Georgia)

By VBL Team:

  • Waynesboro: 7 (Waynesboro’s park has played 40% above average in triples the last 5 seasons)
  • Harrisonburg: 5 (148% above average!)
  • Winchester, Woodstock, Covington: 4
  • New Market: 2
  • Luray, Rockbridge, Charles Town, Charlottesville: 1
Cody Wilson resized for triples list
Cody Wilson playing for Winchester in 2017

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