Baseball America Top Ten Prospects

One of my favorite days of the year has arrived; Baseball America has released its top 10 prospect list for the 2018 Valley league season!

We have a new angle this year, too; ATVL has its own list to compare. First of all, let’s see whom Michael Lananna published in his list for BA:

  1. Jeremy Cook, LHP , Staunton (Miami)
  2. Andrew Eyster, OF, New Market (South Carolina)
  3. Fred Villarreal, RHP, Waynesboro (Houston)
  4. Oraj Anu, OF, New Market (Wallace)- the article erroneously has Oraj’s name backwards.
  5. Kyle Arjona, RHP, Harrisonburg (New Orleans)
  6. Trevin Eubanks, RHP, New Market (Southern Mississippi)
  7. Dominic D’Alessandro, UTIL, Charlottesville (George Washington)
  8. Rafe Schindler, RHP, Harrisonburg (New Orleans)
  9. Anthony Zimmerman, RHP, Purcellville (Fordham)
  10. Jared Wetherbee, LHP, Charlottesville (Elon)

Names that made both lists:

  • Cook (1st BA, 8th ATVL)
  • Eyster (2nd BA, 1st ATVL)
  • Villarreal (3rd BA, 4th ATVL)
  • Anu (4th BA, 5th ATVL)
  • Arjona (5th BA, “extra” for ATVL, since he signed already)
  • Schindler (8th BA, 3rd ATVL)

Eubanks, D’Alessandro, Zimmerman, and Wetherbee did not make ATVL’s list, but would have if the list was expanded to 15. That is to say that the four young men received support from the league folks that ATVL spoke to.

Of course, there’s no way to tell which list is more accurate until quite a bit of time has passed (and it’s not a competition, anyway). Hopefully everyone from both lists will be chosen to play pro ball in the future!

(Perfect Game’s list will be coming later)


  1. Relievers numbers doesn’t always tell a good story however, the reliever himself does! Can’t believe Gio Soto of the Generals has been out of this conversation.

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