Top Ten Most Viewed Articles on ATVL

I’m a baseball fan, so, obviously, I love statistics. We are finishing up the year with the most views of by far, and you better believe I was paying attention to those stats every day.

Well, as I did at the end of 2017, let’s take a look at the most trafficked articles from the year. feel free to click the links to revisit some of the best moments of the 2018 VBL season!

  1. Baseball America Top Ten Prospects: The erstwhile publication listed Staunton’s Jeremy Cook as the top prospect in the league, with Andrew Eyster second.
  2. #6 Starter: Evan “Buckshot” Flynn, Staunton: Evan comes with an awesome nickname and backstory…. and plenty of folks who wanted to read about him!
  3. All Things Valley League’s First Annual Top Prospects: With tons of help from coaches (and others), the first ever top prospect list for this site. My goodness did I spend a ton of time on this one. I like the list; the order, not so much.
  4. #1 Reliever: Anthony Zimmerman: The most recent article on this list, Anthony went viral from just a couple days ago.
  5. One Day Left: Playoff Scenarios: The standing and outlook for each Valley league team with one day left in the regular season. So many details and possibilities….
  6. New Market Wins Valley League Championship: This one should be #1, shouldn’t it? Along with an awesome picture and game report, this is the story of New Market’s clinching game- the franchise’s first title since 2002.
  7. Results from July 11: Every once in a while, one of these daily updates will go viral, or at least as viral as a summer league article can go. This one had Front Royal’s Spencer Packard as the hitter of the day, and his teammate, Andrew Brighton, as the pitcher of the day.
  8. Results from June 28: Two hitters of the day: Front Royal’s Andrew Burden and Charlottesville’s Dominic D’Alessandro. Pitcher of the day was Charlottesville’s Cody Maw.
  9. Best Playoff Hitters: The dudes who hit the best in the 2018 playoffs- with a pic of New Market’s Andrew Kasiski.
  10. A Look at the Playoff Chase: Published on July 24th, 2018. These little updates take a surprising amount of time. If Team A wins, and Team B loses, and Team C is rained out… what would the playoff race look like? I’ve messed these up, before, too. (But not this one.)


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