League Record Book: Saves

So after wins, it seems only right that we look at another antiquated stat; this time, saves. As major league teams move more and more to pitch their best relievers in the most crucial moments of the game, whenever that might be, the save is being de-emphasized (even with Seattle’s Edwin Diaz’s 50+ saves this year).

Again, though, if the league tracks it, so does ATVL. So, the most saves since the 2004 Valley League season:

1 Adam Zipko New Market 2013 18
2 Chris Dennis Winchester 2004 15
3 Derrik Lutz Front Royal 2004 14
4 Brandon Dickson New Market 2005 13
Joel Brookens Front Royal 2007 13
Jimmy Stanley Waynesboro 2007 13
Shawn Griffith Fauquier 2008 13
8 Bobby Hernandez Staunton 2007 12
9 Chris Fessler Harrisonburg 2005 11
Daniel Bridgeman Strasburg 2013 11

This list hasn’t seen a new name since 2013! If you’re wondering, Brilliant Reader, Purcellville’s Anthony Zimmerman led the league in saves this summer with 7.

The breakdown:

Major Leaguers: Brandon Dickson (still pitching in Japan- like Kyle Arjona this season, Dickson signed a contract as an undrafted free agent at the end of his VBL summer season- and made the major leagues!)
Current Minor Leaguers: None
Previous Minor Leaguers: Chris Dennis, Derrik Lutz, Shawn Griffith, Bobby Hernandez, Chris Fessler
No pro experience: Adam Zipko, Joel Brookens, Jimmy Stanley (pitched in Indy Ball for 2 seasons), Daniel Bridgeman
Current College Players: None

By team:

  • New Market, Front Royal- 2
  • Winchester, Waynesboro, Fauquier, Strasburg, Harrisonburg, Staunton- 1

This leaves just one category to go: strikeouts!

Adam Zipko Millersville

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