Draft Report Cards

Each offseason, Baseball America writes a “draft report card” for each major league organization, with short writeups on players, just drafted in June 2018, who excelled in some way.

There were exactly ten former Valley Leaguers mentioned in the series.

  • Jacob Rhinesmith (New Market 2017), Washington Nationals: Jacob was named as the player with the best pro debut. His writeup mentioned “solid hands,” and a “repeatable swing.” He is also considered a solid defender, and impressed his pro coaches. His coach in the Valley, Zac Cole, told ATVL in 2017 that he is “the real deal.”
  • Cody Wilson (Winchester 2017), Washington Nationals: Cody was named under the three categories of “fastest runner,” “best defensive player,” and “best athlete.” BA calls him a “plus runner.”
  • Chris Bec (Front Royal 2016), Toronto Blue Jays: Bec was named under “best defensive player,” with the comment “[Bec] has strong catch-and-throw skills out of Maine.”
  • Mark Moclair (Front Royal 2017), Houston Astros: Mark has he best fastball of all Astros draftees, with the comment “Moclair sat 94-96 mph pretty much every time out, but the quality of his fastball is even better than his velocity as his four-seam fastball has excellent, explosive late-life.”
  • Romy Gonzalez (Staunton 2016), Chicago White Sox: Listed under “best power,” Gonzalez has 50-55 grade power that played best in games. He hit 10 home runs in his first 201 pro at-bats.
  • Andrew Eyster (New Market 2018), Cleveland Indians: Eyster, the 2018 Valley League MVP, was listed under “the one who got away,” as he didn’t sign and went to South Carolina.
  • Jonathan Bowlan (New Market 2016), Kansas City Royals: Jonathan, even though he struggled in his pro debut, is listed under “best fastball,” with the comment that he has a mid-90’s fastball and can hold his velocity well during outings.
  • Meaux Landry (Strasburg 2017), Los Angeles Dodgers: Better known as Simon when he played in Strasburg, Meaux was listed under “best power.”
  • Kevin Woodall (New Market 2015), St. Louis Cardinals: Woodall was listed under “best power” of course, with the comment [He] “generates tremendous leverage with his 6-foot-7, 245-pound frame.”
  • Connor Loeprich (Waynesboro 2016-17), Pittsburgh Pirates: Connor’s slider is listed in the category “best secondary pitch.”

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