Three Vets Sign Free Agent Contracts

This offseason has been a slow one for both major league and minor league free agents, but in the past few weeks, three former Valley Leaguers, all veterans of pro baseball, have signed contracts with new organizations.

  • Nick Rickles, former Luray Wrangler (2010), has signed with the Milwaukee Brewers… as a coach? As a player-coach? It’s unclear what exactly his role will be, but Nick is at spring training with the Brewers right now. Nick spent 2018 with the Lehigh Valley, the Phillies’ Triple-A team, and hit 245/271/394 in 199 plate appearances. In his minor league career, he hit 245/279/377 in 1,520 plate appearances.
  • The Oakland A’s have signed Cliff Pennington (Harrisonburg 2003) to a minor league contract. A former first round pick in 2005, Cliff has batted over 3,000 times in the major leagues, putting up a slash line of 242/309/339 while playing every infield position in his career. In 2018, he split his season between the majors, in Cincinnati, and two Triple-A teams, Round Rock and Louisville. Cliff will be 35 in June.
  • Collin Cowgill (Covington 2005) has signed with the Washington Nationals. Collin has been a fourth outfielder for most of his career, batting 759 times in the majors, most recently in 2016. He’s slashed 234/297/329 at the game’s highest level. In 2018, a teammate of Nick Rickles at Lehigh Valley, Collin hit 230/309/408 in 344 plate appearances. Collin will be 33 in May.

Congrats to all three!

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