Are you up for the next batch, Brilliant Reader?

Here is the second half of the players, former Valley Leaguers all, who have been released or retired… or signed with a different team.

  • Cliff Pennington (Harrisonburg 2003), who had signed a minor league contract with the Oakland A’s, was released… and then immediately signed by the New York Yankees and sent to Triple-A Scranton. Still hanging in there!
  • The Washington Nationals have released Kameron Esthay (Harrisonburg 2015). Drafted in the 26th round in 2017, Kameron hit 238/297/390 in 543 minor league at-bats.
  • Mitch Stophel (Front Royal 2016) has retired. One of the best pitchers in the 2016 VBL playoffs, Mitch went 2-2, 7.27 in 52 minor league innings, with a 1.65 WHIP, 5.0 BB/9, and 10.2 K/9.
  • Another Front Royal Cardinal, Logan Longwith (2014-15), has also retired. Logan was drafted in 2015 by the Tigers, released in 2017, signed by the Rockies in June 2017, and has now hung it up. In four minor league seasons, he’s gone 11-12, 5.29, with a 1.442 WHIP, 2.5 BB/9, and 6.5 K/9 in 233 innings.
  • Continuing the run on Cardinals, Bernabe Camargo (Front Royal 2016) has been released by the Los Angeles Angels. He spent only one season in the minor leagues, hitting 261/355/296 in 142 at-bats.
  •  Erven Roper (Woodstock 2014, Aldie 15) has retired. A free agent signee of the Angels, Erven hit 254/327/401 in 177 at-bats over two seasons in the minor leagues.
  • Matt Eagle (Charlottesville 2015) has also retired. Signed as a free agent by the Los Angeles Angels in 2018, he went 3-0, 6.67, with a 1.835 WHIP, 2.5 BB/9, and 12.4 K/9 in 28 1/3 innings in his only season.
  • In a bit of a surprising move, former Purcellville Cannon Tyler Ratliff (2016-17) voluntarily retired. A 17th round pick in 2017 by the Texas Rangers, Tyler hit 253/336/379 in 522 minor league at-bats.
  • The Cincinnati Reds have released Sarkis Ohanian (Harrisonburg 2012). A 9th round pick in 2015, Ohanian missed a ton of bats in pro ball, but also missed quite a bit of time to injuries. Overall, he went 7-6, 4.38, with 16 saves, a 1.272 WHIP, 4.8 BB/9, and 14.2 K/9 in 100 2/3 innings.
  • And last but definitely not least, Josh Edgin has retired. Josh pitched in Winchester all the way back in 2007, and has thrown 129 major league innings and 259 1/3 minor league innings over his nine-year career.