In Round 21, two guys were picked:

  • Bradley Hanner (Charlottesville 2018), Walters State, by the Minnesota Twins, and
  • Reeves Martin (New Market 2018), New Orleans, by the Seattle Mariners.

Two were taken in Round 22 as well:

  • Allan Berrios (Covington 2018) was picked by the Nationals out of Western Oklahoma State.
  • Dominic D’Alessandro (Charlottesville 2018) was picked by the Boston Red Sox out of George Washington.

None were picked in the 23rd.

In the 24th round, two more went:

  • Trevor Jensen (Winchester 2016) was drafted out of Tulane by the Minnesota Twins.
  • Will Guay (Purcellville AND Winchester 2018) was drafted out of Concord by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Two more in the 25th:

  • Fred Villarreal (Waynesboro 2018) out of Houston by Seattle and
  • Keegan James (Strasburg 2016) out of Mississippi State by Colorado.

Three went in the 26th Round:

  • Nick Roth (Charlottesville 2017-18) was picked by the Baltimore Orioles out of Randolph Macon
  • Jay Charleston (Staunton 2017), from Tennessee, was picked by the Kansas City Royals
  • Dupree Hart (Charlottesville 2017), from Charleston, was picked by Washington.

Parker Phillips (Waynesboro 2017) was drafted in the 27th round by the Minnesota Twins out of Austin Peay.

Four went in the 28th Round:

  • Lorenzo Hampton (Winchester 2017) was picked by Miami out of Florida International.
  • Gabriel Ponce (Front Royal 2018), out of Arizona Western, picked by Toronto.
  • Keven Pimentel (New Market 2017) was picked by the Colorado Rockies out of Tampa.
  • Bryan Arias (Harrisonburg 2016-17), out of UTSA, was picked by the Houston Astros.

Five were drafted in the 29th Round:

  • Elliott Cary (Harrisonburg 2017) was drafted by Detroit out of Oklahoma City (by way of Oregon State).
  • Clemson’s Brooks Crawford (Charlottesville 2016) was drafted by the San Francisco Giants.
  • Felician’s LT Struble (Strasburg 2017) was drafted by the New York Mets.
  • Milwaukee drafted Jackie Urbaez (Purcellville 2018) out of St. Thomas.

And Justin Crump (New Market 2016) was picked in the 30th round by the San Francisco Giants out of UNC Wilmington.

40 total picks in 30 rounds!