No picks in round 14.

Saint Mary’s Joe Vranesh (Waynesboro 2017) was picked 461st overall in the 15th round by the Dodgers.

Wallace-Dothan’s Orj Anu (New Market 2018) was picked at the end of the 16th round by the Boston Red Sox.

AJ Franklin (Charlottesville 16), from Vanderbilt, was drafted by Kansas City in the 17th round.

None in the 18th.

Tyler Yankosky (Strasburg 2017), from Millersville, went in the 19th round to the Washington Nationals.

And so did Western Oregon’s Jared McDonald (Front Royal 2017), picked ten spots after Yankosky by Oakland.

And two picks later, Montevallo’s Tyler Krabbe (Strasburg 2018) was picked by the Houston Astros.

In the 20th round, Deacon Medders (Staunton 2017) was picked by the San Diego Padres.