Hard to believe that we’re up to the 6th power rankings already… and this will most likely be the last one, too, as the playoffs start in a week.

I’ll rank the teams based on won-loss record, run differential, and then batting and pitching team stats.

As usual, this is just one dude’s opinion- feel free to have your own, and to comment liberally.

The stats go like this: Wins-Losses, record in last 10 games, runs scored/runs allowed, team batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage, team ERA, team WHIP, last week’s position.

The Cream of the Crop

  1. Waynesboro Generals: 25-10, 8-2 last 10, 259/166 Runs scored/Runs Allowed, .274/.393/.424 batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage, 3.76 team ERA, 1.421 team WHIP, last week: #1. Still pretty obviously #1. Tied for best team OBP, have the best ERA by a pretty large margin, and best record in last 10 games. With seven games to play, the Generals lead the South by three full games. Wes Clarke continues to lead a patient, deep lineup.
  2. Charlottesville Tom Sox: 22-13, 7-3, 252/194, .302/.393/.414, 4.48, last week #3: Look at that team batting average! The Tom Sox can rake, and they have the second best run differential, too. Thomas Francisco has a hit in all 19 games he’s appeared in this summer.
  3. Strasburg Express: 21-13, 3-7, 213/175, .278/.367/.436, 4.02, 1.518, last week #2: The Express lead the North by two games with eight to play. Tough, tough injury to Nick Toney at the Showcase; can the Express overcome this one, and other injuries?
  4. Woodstock River Bandits: 20-16, 6-4, 230/223, .282/.375/.422, 5.29, 1.724, last week #4: The Bandits have a deep, tough lineup, led by Aidan Nagle, Willy Escala and Caleb Ward. Tristen Bayless blasted through all six batters he faced at the showcase, too. (He’s pitching tonight.)

The Middle

5. Staunton Braves: 17-17, 5-5, 228/216, .273/.373/.392, 5.12, 1.596, last week #5: Just look at that record- even. Last ten? Even. +12 run differential. The Braves are pretty solidly in the third spot in the South at the moment, mostly thanks to Andrew Czech’s amazing ability to drive in runs.

6. New Market Rebels: 17-19, 6-4, 199/226, .251/.363/.350, 5.56, 1.599, last week #10: The biggest riser from last time, the Rebels’ offense has definitely improved in the last few weeks. The team runs, too- 88 stolen bases as a team by far leads the league- the next team has 52.

7. Winchester Royals: 16-20, 5-5, 204/218, .265/.366/.373, 5.56, 1.575, last week #9: John Servello and Drenis Ozuna have given the lineup a boost in the last couple weeks.

8. Covington Lumberjacks: 16-19, 3-7, 149/175, .259/.348/.359, 4.83, 1.505, last week #7: Yesterday’s sweep by the Generals didn’t help the Jacks any. Currently 4th in the South, the Jacks will look to hold off the Turks for a playoff spot.

9. Harrisonburg Turks: 14-21, 2-8, 162/187, .257/.367/.350, 4.32, 1.444, last week #6: The Turks have had a rough last ten games. Josh Madole leads the offense, Eli Ellington leads the defense.

Teams With Work To Do

10. Purcellville Cannons: 13-21, 4-6, 189/237, .259/.366/.385, 5.66, 1.836, last week #8: The Cannons have some very intriguing pieces, but things just haven’t come together this summer. Bradley Riopelle has given the lineup a boost since he arrived.

11. Front Royal Cardinals: 12-24, 5-5, 179/249, .245/.351/.363, 5.91, 1.803, last week #11: Dylan Menhennett has been on an unholy tear at the plate- he has 13 hits in his last 25 at-bats, with nine extra base hits!

Coming soon- a look at pennant races, perhaps even on a daily basis.

Also coming this fall- the 2019 Valley League Annual! More info coming soon!

Waynesboro Generals