We’re down to five days left- let’s take a look at the updated playoff race!

North W L Pct. GB
1 Strasburg 23 13 0.639
2 Woodstock 21 16 0.568 2.5
3 New Market 17 21 0.447 7
Winchester 17 21 0.447 7
5 Purcellville 14 22 0.389 9
6 Front Royal 13 25 0.342 11
  1. Strasburg has clinched a top-two playoff spot. The squad has six games to play: Waynesboro, @Charlottesville, New Market, @Staunton, Front Royal, @Winchester. They added another half game to their lead last night.
  2. Woodstock has also clinched a playoff spot. Five games left: @Covington, @New Market, Winchester, @New Market, @Front Royal. Can the Bandits go last-to-first?
  3. New Market is now tied with Winchester, and is four and a half games back of #2 Woodstock. Five games left: Woodstock, @Strasburg, Woodstock, @Purcellville.
  4. Winchester pulled into a tie with New Market for the 3rd seed. Four games left: Harrisonburg, @Woodstock, @Purcellville, Strasburg. (If New Market and Winchester remain tied a couple more days, I’ll look at the tiebreakers)
  5. Purcellville can still catch the 3rd seed. Six games left: Staunton, @Covington, @Front Royal, Winchester, New Market (and a makeup with Staunton yet).
  6. Front Royal took a tough loss last night. The team is four games behind 3rd and 4th seeds with only four games left, which means one Front Royal loss, or a New Market AND Winchester win will eliminate the Cardinals. Games: @Charlottesville, Purcellville, @Strasburg, Woodstock.
South W L Pct. GB
1 Waynesboro 26 11 0.703
2 Charlottesville 23 14 0.622 3
3 Covington 18 19 0.486 8
4 Staunton 17 19 0.472 8.5
5 Harrisonburg 15 23 0.395 11.5
  1. Waynesboro moved another half game closer to a clinch with five games to play (Gens have a top two spot clinched): @Strasburg, @Covington, Charlottesville, @Harrisonburg, @Staunton.
  2. Charlottesville has clinched a tie for a top three seed. Five games left: Front Royal, Strasburg, @Waynesboro, @Covington, @Harrisonburg.
  3. Covington slipped past Staunton into third place last night. Five games left: Woodstock, Purcellville and Waynesboro on the same day, @Staunton, Charlottesville.
  4. Staunton dropped to the 4th seed last night, but is still three games ahead of the Turks with six games remaining: @Purcellville, Harrisonburg, Covington, Strasburg, Waynesboro (@Purcellville makeup, too).
  5. Harrisonburg is three back of the last spot with four to play: @Winchester, @Staunton, Waynesboro, Charlottesville.


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