The next category is slugging percentage!

1 Andrew Eyster New Market 2018 0.762
2 Zach Sterry Waynesboro 2016 0.745
3 Tyler Townsend Winchester 2008 0.739
4 Jon Love Front Royal 2004 0.731
5 Aidan Nagle Woodstock 2019 0.711
6 Mac Williamson Harrisonburg 2011 0.706
Joseph Odom Winchester 2012 0.706
8 Jimmy Yezzo Winchester 2012 0.679
9 Ryan Sullivan Covington 2012 0.676
10 Steve McQuail Front Royal 2009 0.669
JD Mundy Covington 2018 0.669
12 Caleb Ward Woodstock 2019 0.667
13 Collin Cowgill Covington 2005 0.659
14 Bradley Picha Winchester 2012 0.657
Julian Ridings Waynesboro 2012 0.657

Two Woodstock River Bandits joined this list this year- Aidan Nagle, who became the seventh player in the last 16 years to top a .700 slugging percentage, and Caleb Ward, no slouch himself at .667. Imagine, Brilliant Reader, what they might have slugged had they played in… say…. Strasburg…although that would mean less doubles, most likely.

Four players are from Winchester, three from Covington, and two each from Waynesboro, Front Royal, and Woodstock. New Market and Harrisonburg have one each, and Purcellville/Charles Town, Charlottesville, Strasburg (oddly), and Staunton don’t have one (yet).

Major leaguers: Mac Williamson, Collin Cowgill
Still in Minor Leagues: Joseph Odom
Previously in Minor Leagues: Zach Sterry, Tyler Townsend, Jimmy Yezzo, Steve McQuail, Julian Ridings
No Organized Ball: Jon Love, Ryan Sullivan, Bradley Picha
Still in College: Andrew Eyster, Aidan Nagle, JD Mundy, Caleb Ward

Runs scored will be next!