2019 Annual cover screenshotBig news about the 2019 Valley League Annual:

The writing is finished!

That’s great and all, but there is still a boatload of editing to do. In fact, the PDF is in the hands (on the screen?) of editor #1 right at this very moment.

I’m aiming for the digital PDF to be available for $10 just after Thanksgiving- payment by either Paypal or Venmo.

Just think- for the price of two overpriced lattes, you can have the following:

  • Short summaries of every single game last summer (longer ones for playoff games)
  • All of the top hitters, starting pitchers, and relief pitchers in one place
  • Each team’s most valuable players
  • The VBL top prospect list (chosen by ATVL)
  • Park factors
  • All draft picks and free agent signings
  • A paragraph on every single professional player in organized baseball, both in the minor and major leagues
  • And much more!

To put this in context, the annual sits at 264 pages (!!!), and the following is true:

  • The name “Nagle” appears on 39 pages
  • “Kasiski” on 14
  • “Czech” on 38
  • “Francisco” on 58
  • “Cole” on 24 pages- like Zac, McNamee, Jackson, Friese….
  • “Bayless” on 21
  • “Menhennett” on 19

I hope you’re as excited for this as I am, Brilliant Reader- the release is coming soon!