WordPress gives me a little notification every time I post an article on this site: “You’re on a xxx day streak on All Things Valley League!”

I’m sure no one else realizes this, but this post, this one that you’re reading right now, is the 365th in a row- I have reached an entire calendar year in which I have posted an article every single day.

I thought I had things figured out a few months ago. I was very excited about the 2019 Annual (released in early December). It was a culmination of many years of planning, and then six hard months of writing. It contains everything you’d want to know about the 2019 VBL season, along with info on all the pros with a background in the league.

I had a couple more ideas about what would come after that: a 2020 Annual for sure, and perhaps a publication that showed the history of ATVL’s top players lists, along with where those players are now. (Did you know that Gabriel Saade (Waynesboro 2008), the league’s 12th best hitter 12 years ago, is the founding partner of Saade Law, in Coral Gables, Florida?)

But given the low demand for the 2019 Annual (even with a price tag that makes it affordable to all), I’m now rethinking what I may/can/should do with this space (as living in the United States is a bit more expensive than what we were expecting when we moved back a few months ago). The 2019 Annual was the first time (in 13 years!) I ever asked my readers to support something that actually cost money… and the outcome was… well, interesting, to say the least.

So where do we go from here? My love for the league has not changed, and I don’t plan to stop writing, but perhaps I need to shift my focus. Perhaps not- I don’t really know.

So I’m putting it out there. Brilliant Reader, what do you think should be next? What do I do that you really like? What do I do that could go away, and you wouldn’t miss it? Would you listen to a podcast? (One is kind of in the works.) Would you consider purchasing the 2020 Annual if I were to write it?

So feel free to drop me a line, either on Twitter, Facebook, or directly on the website, if you would like to help my decision-making process over the next few months.

Whats next