Now that we’ve crowned our All-Time best hitter (most popular might be a better term), Juan Pierre, we are ready to start a new bracket.

I’ve got to tell you, dear reader, that this one is just as ridiculous as the last one, but it might just be even more fun.

This one is a bracket of some of the best hitters (38 of them) to bless the fields of the Valley League in the past ten years. I chose the 38 by leaning pretty heavily on both my All-Decade teams (and notes) and by looking over my top ten lists from this website. League MVPs were automatically included as well. Position scarity was a thing too, just in case someone wants to hop on and drop the somehow-most-important-word-in-the-world “credibility.”

Again, this is JUST.FOR.FUN. When you vote on a matchup, you can use whatever criteria you choose. You can vote for the player from your favorite VBL team, for your boyfriend, for the guy with the best stats, for the guy that you spoke to that summer, for the guy who made it the farthest in pro ball. I don’t care; this is just to revisit some of the stats of some of the best hitters in the past ten years.

Got it? Great! This should be fun. The bracket is attached below.

The first matchup is coming very soon! (Like in a couple minutes)

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 1.13.10 PM