After an astonishing 409 total votes in the final, our winner of the 2010-2019 Best Starting Pitcher Bracket is clear- it’s Aldie’s Junior Delatorre!

Joining top MLB hitter Juan Pierre and 2010-2019 VBL top hitter Brandon Quaranta, Delatorre is our latest winner in ATVL’s series of brackets.

Gracious in victory, Delatorre released the following statement:

It was a real privilege being on the same staff as Graham [Tebbit] in ‘13. He took an opportunity and didn’t look back! He was a hard worker, a real competitor and an even better teammate! I’d like thank Coach Lemely as well, for giving me an opportunity to come to Aldie and start, even though I was coming from a small school! I owe him tremendously for giving me two of the best summers of my life and allowing me to meet teammates that I’m still very close friends with today! Graham I miss you brother and it was an honor to go up against you! To me, we both won!

Tebbit answered:

My sentiments echo Junior’s. It’s not often that you find a player with the humor, kindness, talent and grit that Junior had in 2013 – qualities that I was pleased to see were still present during the polling! He’s a competitor through-and-through and his college career reflects that. Coach Lemley could not have picked a better team that summer and, like Junior said, Aldie in the summer of 2013 was one of the best summers of baseball I’ve ever had. I owe Junior, my teammates and Lemley for an experience that would send my baseball career in a direction I could have never predicted. Miss ya too Humberto! Congratulations on being named the Pitcher of the Decade, the title is well deserved!

So congratulations to the 2013-2014 Aldie Senator!

Our next bracket will be the VBL’s best relief pitchers from 2010-2019… so we start all over again. Information coming tomorrow…