After crowning Juan Pierre the best major league hitter, Brandon Quaranta the best Valley League hitter from 2010-2019, and Junior Delatorre the best Valley League starter from 2010-2019, we will turn our attention to the relief pitchers.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • This contest will cover the top 34 relief pitchers from 2010-2019. I asked for suggestions a while ago, which was…. interesting, but I had the final choice. The #1 and #2 relievers from each year automatically were chosen, and then I added others I thought “deserved” it. Probably shouldn’t use that word- “players whose stats seemed to warrant inclusion?” Whatever.
  • Just vote for whomever you want to, for whatever reason fits your fancy- I don’t care. Vote for the guy who was better in the VBL, who was more handsome, who pitched for your favorite team, who had the better career- seriously, it doesn’t matter. Just have fun.
  • Voting will happen by twitter, since that seems to be the easiest format.
  • I’ll try to post a matchup every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I’m not promising anything.

The actual bracket, if you can actually read it: