Let’s take a quick look at the top Valley League performers from yesterday’s Division I games…

  • Thomas Francisco, East Carolina (Charlottesville 2019): 2-4, three RBIs, BB, two home runs (Watch out if Francisco starts hitting for more power!)
  • Christian Edwards, Jacksonville (Waynesboro 2019): seven shutout, no-hit innings, three walks, nine strikeouts (83 game score)
  • Hunter Wolfe, Dayton (Strasburg 2017): seven shutout innings, three hits, two walks, 10 strikeouts (79 game score)

(Not D-I, but still): Rumors also have it that Christian McGowan (Strasburg 2019) threw five shutout innings, with three hits and 12 K’s for Eastern Oklahoma State. As of this writing, the team does not have the boxscore, or any info, actually, on their website about this game.