Coming in tied for 5th in total pro players is Front Royal!

WatsonRyanRHPFront Royal2017
WhitneyBlakeRHPFront Royal2016
MoclairMarkRHPFront Royal2017
MortZachRHPFront Royal2016
DobnakRandyRHPFront Royal2015
GreenMichaelOFFront Royal2018
RubioFrankRHPFront Royal2016
AndersonJustinRHPFront Royal2013
YoderNickRHPFront Royal2018
BecChristopherCFront Royal2016
PonceGabrielRHPFront Royal2018
CanzoneDominicOFFront Royal2017
McDonaldJaredCFront Royal2017


  • The Cardinals have two major leaguers- Dobnak and Anderson. Anderson had TJ surgery in July, 2020, so he has a shot to return this summer.
  • The best prospect on this list, I think, is Canzone. Or maybe Whitney? He misses a ton of bats. Bec and Rubio are both in Double-A, but no one is in Triple-A at the moment. The highest draft pick is Bec, who went in the 5th round in 2016. Green has not made his pro debut yet, and Yoder hasn’t pitched in 2021 yet.